Resiliency Self Test

August 1, 2017

Resiliency Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Are you in the midst of a major change or planning for effective implementation? Consider the overwhelming benefits that building resilience in your employees will have in successfully implementing a change and keeping your employees engaged

We’ve provided you with an option to download and print the test for easier tracking and scoring. Download PDF

To assist you, we invite you to take our free Resiliency Self-Test Questionnaire. This instrument will help you identify strengths, as well as making you aware of areas for improvement. Choose a number that best fits each statement:

4 = The statement is definitely true.
3 = The statement is, for the most part, true.
2 = The statement is only partly true.
1 = The statement is only occasionally true.
0 = The statement is completely false.

  1. ___ I have five supportive relationships in my professional life.
  2. ___ I can brainstorm other possible choices when confronted with crises at work.
  3. ___ At an emotional level, I accept change as a part of life.
  4. ___ I have goals and dreams for this year.
  5. ___ I take action on decisions.
  6. ___ I have hobbies or activities that express my creativity.
  7. ___ I have tried new activities this year.
  8. ___ I can list five personal strengths.
  9. ___ I have a strong sense that life is worth living.
  10. ___ I have self-care strategies for managing strong emotions.
  11. ___ I have positive self-talk messages.
  12. ___ I take care of myself regularly.
  13. ___ I am able to make meaning of suffering.
  14. ___ I have relationships of mutual support at work.
  15. ___ I am able to choose from a number of options to solve problems.
  16. ___ I thrive on change.
  17. ___ I have well-defined goals.
  18. ___ I solve problems quickly in my department.
  19. ___ I find my hobbies relaxing.
  20. ___ I enjoy trying new things.
  21. ___ I focus on my strengths.
  22. ___ Life is good.
  23. ___ I am able to express my feelings openly.
  24. ___ I have a positive view of myself.
  25. ___ Pain has shaped who I am.


Evaluating your answers

All of the resilience self-test statements were phrased positively. Individual answers of 3 or 4 would indicate a high degree of resilience in that area. Lower scores signify that attention and skill building are required. However you use this instrument, whether formally or informally, the Resiliency Self-Assessment Questionnaire will provide you with objective data to help you prepare to build resilience in your employees and overall organization.

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