Mark empowers organizations that are struggling with constant change to transform their businesses to adapt during transitions and anticipate future changes. Dr. DeVolder distinguishes himself as a change management speaker and is one of today's original thinkers on transitions. Mark has equipped billion-dollar companies in over 25 countries to respond boldly, nimbly and quickly to change, companies like MacDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Qatar Petroleum. Mark not only motivates and inspires audiences but he arms leaders with practical take-aways. As they said at NASA, “we all left with tools to soar higher.”

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This is a must-read book for anyone striving to manage change in our 21st Century business world where chaos, disruption and crisis have become the norm. You will be guided through the storm by world-renowned authority on Change Management, Dr. Mark DeVolder. Inside, Mark explains Perpetual Pivot, a continuous process that enables success during exponential change. Most important, Mark explains HOW to pivot. The book is filled with practical tools and strategies that increase personal agility, rewires thinking and shines a light on future trends.

Perpetual Pivot’s most valuable insights include:
• How to REINVENT yourself boldly, nimbly, quickly
• How to SHIFT your leadership style to empowering others
• How to INCREASE team performance through synergy
• How to PIVOT from resistance to engagement
• How to SUSTAIN success with resilience



Mark delivers inspiring and action-focused keynotes designed to produce meaningful, immediate results.

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Mark's presentations are interactive, fast-paced and entertaining, with just-in-time answers to real work problems.

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Mark has advised some of the world's largest companies, providing guidance on mergers and acquisitions, corporate culture, change and transition and more.

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Dr. DeVolder has equipped and motivated some of the most successful and innovative organizations in the world, including many Fortune 500 Companies and multi-billion dollar industry leaders.

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    We all left with tools to soar higher.

    Linsley Pietsch
    Spaceport Operations, NASA

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    If you get to work with Mark DeVolder, you're really lucky!

    Jim Carrick-Birtwell
    CEO, ChangeBoard

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    Mark, you were nothing short of awesome!!!

    Maria Sharpe
    Chief Personnel Officer, PepsiCo Europe

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Mark DeVolder has advised on Mergers and Acquisitions as large as $42 Billion.

Dr. DeVolder is recognized as one of today’s original thinkers and motivators on transitions.

Mark offered transition guidance for NASA and the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast when the Space Shuttle Program was discontinued.

He received 14 Standing Ovations in a row in 14 cities, in 7 countries, on 3 continents.

Mark trained 1500 business leaders to be more competitive in NAFTA Free Trade agreements.

He's spoken in over 25 countries to over 1/4 million people.

He's received numerous awards: Top 5 Speaker four years in a row, Top 25 Speaker, Top 10 Speakers in Change Management.

Mark took a 20-minute break from his speech in Jamaica to put out a fire on stage. Then, he finished his presentation.

Mark DeVolder was the guest of honor at a private client concert with Enrique Iglesias in Monaco.

He has given presentations to over fifty Fortune 500 Companies and industry leaders.

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