What are the Characteristics of Engaged Employees?

ArticlesAugust 2, 2017

Engaged Employees

Engaged employees have some key traits:

“ Every Employee should be able to pitch ideas, be taken seriously, and bring their creativity to life”

Will Yakowicz

Engaged Employees:

  • are enthusiastic and energetic – they go the extra mile
  • care about what they do and have a sense of purpose in their work
  • have positive attitudes towards the organization and its values
  • feel  valued for their contributions

In highly engaged organizations, leaders are more visible and have a high level of personal engagement. They act as role models by demonstrating organizational values and they build relationships at all levels. As a result, employees feel informed, valued, and respected and come to share their leaders’ passion and commitment to success.

“Organizations with high engagement are 78% more productive and 40% more profitable than those organizations with low levels of engagement” Hewitt Quarterly 2008

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