Change Management Trainer

August 2, 2017

Managers at all levels often feel under-prepared when faced with difficult “people problems” such as resolving conflict, managing change, employee engagement, building trust … and a host of similar situations that fall outside their skill set and experience.   Mark DeVolder is a change management trainer who provides coaching to fill a variety of needs and provide expertise in specific areas.

Change Management

Change management training enables leaders to hone their skills in providing support and guidance for those going through the process of change. Managers receive the tools to help people accept the change, reorient themselves and create a new beginning.

Resolving Conflict

Often people in the midst of conflict lose their objectivity. Prior to mediation, as well as during, we help people understand and articulate their needs and interests. We also assist people to gain insight into the needs and interests of the other party in order to remove mutual roadblocks and find common ground.


Executives receive the support they need to pursue their vision. Depending on their requirements, leaders get help in personal development, leadership, communication, change/transition and goal setting.

The change management training, coaching and consulting role of Mark DeVolder is to devise and implement solutions that address existing challenges. These often involve working relationships, staff training & development, managing change & transitions, and team building.  In all of these areas, Dr. DeVolder undertakes to help employees work cooperatively, create healthier workplace environments and increase productivity.

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Let Mark DeVolder show you how to make your next event a huge success.

Book Dr. Mark DeVolder Today

Let Mark DeVolder show you how to make your next event a huge success.

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