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Dynamic, engaging workshops that equip your leaders and teams to cultivate better resilience, engagement, and collaboration so they can face any challenge.

Move confidently through change

Disruptive change has become the new norm. Your teams are facing new obstacles every day, and while they may have methods for coping at an individual level, that doesn’t guarantee their success as a team. It’s not enough to know how change works; your teams need to know how they can navigate their specific changes together.

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Dr. Mark DeVolder has helped teams around the world develop the mindset and skills for tackling change together. He’s a proven expert in change management, delivering actionable content with energy and passion.

Participants in his workshops leave equipped and motivated to effectively engage each other and tackle any challenge they face together.

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Workshop 1

Empowered Change: Guiding Teams Through Disruption

This full-day interactive workshop equips leaders to move confidently through change by helping them understand the 3 Stages of Transition. As participants better understand the process of adapting to the organization’s specific changes, they are able to form alignment within their team and create change buy-in throughout the entire organization.

Together, leaders and teams will learn to:

Self-assess and identify their response to disruptive change and adjust accordingly.

Create a journey map for each change that will help them transform uncertainty into confidence.

Understand where others are in the Stages and clearly and succinctly communicate the change(s) occurring.

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

Identify the mindset and skills needed to adapt to the new change and develop learning plans that prepare themselves and their team.

Address change resistance and create buy-in and a unified vision for the goals and outcomes of the change.

Develop an effective strategy for implementing the current changes that can be repeated for future changes.


Resistance Assessment

Before and After Comparison Tool

Workshop 2

Creating Highly Engaged Teams

Give your leaders and teams the tools they need to transform engagement in your organization. This full-day experiential workshop equips leaders and teams to assess the current level of engagement and strategically implement mindsets and behaviors that will increase cooperation and trust throughout the entire organization.

Together, leaders and their teams will learn to:

Develop greater mutual clarity so they can improve communication of their purpose, goals, and any unexpected changes.

Foster employees’ input into how their job is performed.

Build trust and cooperation by showing appreciation to their teams and each other.

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

Identify how current behaviors impact engagement and implement proven strategies for increasing it.

Equip themselves and their teams with skills for improving their competence and performance.

Ignite their employees’ passion for teamwork, communication, and innovation.


Communication Clarity Tool

Engagement Starts with You Assessment

Communication Clarity Tool

Workshop 3

Now We’re Getting Somewhere: Building High-Performing, Inclusive Teams

Superior performance comes from unity, not uniformity. This full-day workshop empowers your leaders to build inclusive teams that embrace both their shared purpose and their diverse abilities. The result is synergistic cooperation, creative innovation, and higher performance.

Together, leaders and teams will learn to:

Create Unity of One-ness for their team by developing a shared vision, goal, and purpose.

Equip themselves and others to leverage their unique abilities, creativity, and innovation to achieve the team’s goal as only they can.

Create synergistic cooperation by appreciating each others’ similarities and differences and aligning around common goals.

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

Confidently be themselves and freely contribute their unique identity, skills, and abilities to achieve the team’s objectives.

Cooperatively solve complex problems with creative solutions that achieve organizational goals.

Create team cohesion through cooperative team building that encourages their diverse abilities and perspectives.

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