Change Management Consulting

Equip your entire organization with the mindset, skills, and experience to navigate any change with customized change management consulting.

Is Your Organization
Ready for Change?

Change is happening faster than we can keep up with, and in its wake are exhausted leaders, overwhelmed employees, and a disrupted, disengaged workforce. Even if you can get your people excited about change, they often don’t have the skills or understanding needed to achieve their objectives.

But what if your entire organization were not only excited, but fully prepared to navigate the changes they’re facing?

Change Management Consulting with Mark

Dr. Mark DeVolder prepares your organization to successfully transition through change with change management consulting that empowers your leaders and teams to tackle any challenge. As a Fortune 50 change management consultant, Mark has helped organizations from Coca-Cola to Medtronic navigate multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions, regulatory changes, and myriad other change crises.

He does this by going beyond excitement and education to guide your people through the challenges they’re facing right now. As they apply the skills they’re learning, they become excited, educated, and empowered to implement your current and future change initiatives successfully.

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How it works


High-Octane Keynotes to Kick-Start Change

Mark’s inspiring keynotes spark an excitement that will jumpstart your change initiatives and transform fear into confidence. Customized to the challenge(s) your organization is facing, Mark delivers an energetic, content-rich experience that gives your people a roadmap for the sometimes confusing, uncertain, and fear-filled path of disruptive change. As they develop a greater understanding of change, they become empowered to navigate disruptive change successfully.


Hands-On Workshops for Navigating Change

(Half-day or full-day workshops, available virtually or in-person)

Mark’s customizable workshops start where the keynote ends by transforming their enthusiasm to experience with in-depth tools and practical application. Participants experience hands-on training applied to a real-time disruptive change affecting their team. As participants go through the training workshop, they create an agreed-upon game plan and alignment for moving through any challenge together.


Leadership Coaching for Sustainable Organizational Change

Sustainable change doesn’t happen without effective change leadership. Mark works with key individuals, leadership teams, and/or mid-level managers in a customized coaching program that builds on the framework, strategies, and tools presented in the keynote and workshops.

Coaching clients learn to harness their own reactions to change so they can authentically model the mindset and skills needed to navigate challenges successfully. At the same time, they become more aware of how change impacts those around them, allowing them to recognize and break down the walls that prevent team alignment. The result is change leadership that empowers engagement, innovation, and performance.

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Let Mark DeVolder show you how to make your next event a huge success.

Book Dr. Mark DeVolder Today

Let Mark DeVolder show you how to make your next event a huge success.