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Perpetual Pivot: How The Best Leaders Adapt To Exponential Change

Get Engaged! Employee Engagement Workbook

Harness the Hurricane: Interactive Masterclass


Perpetual Pivot: How The Best Leaders Adapt To Exponential Change

This is a must-read book for anyone striving to manage change in our 21st Century business world where chaos, disruption and crisis have become the norm. You will be guided through the storm by world-renowned authority on Change Management, Dr. Mark DeVolder. Inside, Mark explains Perpetual Pivot, a continuous process that enables success during exponential change. Most important, Mark explains HOW to pivot. The book is filled with practical tools and strategies that increase personal agility, rewires thinking and shines a light on future trends.

Perpetual Pivot’s most valuable insights include:

How to REINVENT yourself boldly, nimbly, quickly

How to SHIFT your leadership style to empowering others

How to INCREASE team performance through synergy

How to PIVOT from resistance to engagement

How to SUSTAIN success with resilience


Get Engaged! Employee Engagement Workbook

The purpose of this employee engagement workbook is to provide managers, supervisors and employees with practical tools to explore the dynamics of engagement in their workplace. The workbook starts by defining and making a business case for engagement and providing a brief overview of the literature on employee motivation. Then, exploring the Kinlaw‟s Four Pillars of Commitment (clarity, competence, influence, appreciation), it presents participants with a series of reflective questions.

You may ask, “Who should fill out this workbook?” The answer is: everyone in the organization. It is essential that leaders understand the level of engagement within their organization. They need to start with their own impressions of engagement and then give others an opportunity to respond. Leaders need to hear from everyone. Certainly, individuals will benefit from this workbook but its intention goes far beyond that.

After completing the workbook:

Management will benefit from discussing their individual answers with one another.

Answers from employees at all levels can be compared and discussed.

After management gets a sense of the level of employee engagement within the organization, they can invite representatives from each group to discuss their results and impressions.

online training

Harness the Hurricane: Interactive Masterclass

This resilience masterclass is designed to equip leadership teams and managers to adapt to change, re-engage employees and build sustainable resilience throughout the organization.

Uniqueness of Approach:

Dr. DeVolder’s style is a careful balance of content and learning related-activity. The material can be viewed by individuals or groups. DeVolder employees a variety of learning methods, including group participation, media, role-playing, targeted exercises, individual reflection, jolt activities and stories to deliver high-content training. To ensure maximum value, members apply Mark’s strategies to real work situations during each session.


Flexibility. Work at your own pace.

Participants have unlimited online access for one year.

Take all three courses or choose one.

The format: In-studio video presentation

Course Outline and Objectives


Adapt to change: Learn the competitive advantage of adaptability, agility, flexibility, decisiveness in order to seize new opportunities.


Create alignment in your leadership team: Engagement and buy-in starts with each leader. Get engaged before engaging others.


Become change ready: Foster the extraordinary mindset and skills of change readiness throughout the entire organization


Manage change: Learn why the hardest part of change is the transitions and discover strategies to successfully navigate change.


Motivate employees: Learn how to dramatically increase motivation and engagement through the pillars of engagement.


Increase Resilience: Repeat the cycle of success with skills to adapt to adversity, overcome obstacles and reinvent yourself.


Become an agent of change in your organization: Commit to being a role model for change and engagement through skills, attitudes and behaviors.


Assess your organization’s behavioral strengths: Evaluate the level of engagement within your organization – C-level, managerial and employees.


Reengage and retain valuable employees: Learn how to hold on to and improve the performance of star employees, as well as motivate and reengage disengaged employees.


Develop inspiring messages: Learn to communicate clearly and succinctly with powerfully engaging messages about change.


Accept change: Deal effectively with resistance to change and communicate the rationale for change initiative.

Harness the Hurricane: Interactive Masterclass

Change Management



Adapt to change

Create alignment in your leadership team

Become change ready

Manage change

Become an agent of change in your organization

Accept change




Motivate employees

Assess your organization’s behavioral strengths

Reengage and retain valuable employees

Develop inspiring messages




Increase Resilience

Learn to deal with destructive self-talk

Increase your brain’s neuroplasticity

Create a winning mindset of self-belief and unlimited potential

Expand tenacity and decision-making instinct

Repeat and sustain the cycle of success

3-in-1 Course



Includes all 3 video classes

Change Management



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Book Dr. Mark DeVolder Today

Let Mark DeVolder show you how to make your next event a huge success.