CREDIBILITY:  Mark is the #1 choice with many top companies. As you see, his client list impressive!

ENGAGING:  The minute Mark walks on stage, his smile, style and stories grab your attention.

PRACTICAL TAKE-AWAYS:  Audiences leave with practical tools that can be applied immediately in the office or at home.

GENUINE:  Mark has a high likability factor. People connect and relate to Mark on and off the stage.

HIGHLY INTERACTIVE:  Mark doesn’t just talk at you. He gets the audience involved in meaningful and valuable interaction.

INSPIRING STORIES:  As a master storyteller, Mark illustrates his points with powerful, captivating stories that you’ll remember.

CUSTOMIZED:  Mark learns about you and your organization and delivers presentations customized to your needs.

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Inspiring and Action-Focused Keynotes


Harnessing the Hurricane: Adapting Faster to Extreme Change

Change is constant, unpredictable and accelerating. Extreme change can – much like a hurricane – leave you dizzy, dazed and disoriented, as though the earth is moving under your feet. Even if you survive the storm, you know more is coming.

Change expert Dr. Mark DeVolder throws a lifeline to you and your team with tools and strategies he’s developed to clear away the fog.

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Unstoppable Resilience: Developing the Mindset of a Champion

Why doesn't the fastest runner always win the race? Or why doesn't the smartest person always get the best job? Because it's not always the ones who "start out the smartest who end up smartest." (Dweck) It takes more than natural speed, intelligence or ability to be a champion. It takes resilience. But resilience is not just for the elite with an Olympic gold around their neck. Resilience can be learned.

Mark shows leaders how to increase their grit, passion and purpose by developing the mindset of a champion. Mark's best practices will help you cultivate determination, increase resilience and conquer adversity.

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On Fire! Energized Together, Everyone, Every Day

We live in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It’s not surprising that leaders who survive, thrive and deliver in business today have one trait in common; they are resilient. But resilience is not just for a few; it can be learned.

Mark shares how to rewire your brain and increase neuroplasticity to spring through adversity, overcome obstacles and reinvent yourself. He reveals success strategies that enable you to adapt boldly, nimbly and quickly in midst of constant change.

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Getting to Target Zero: Engaging High-Performance Safety

Hazards and obstacles abound in the fast and frenzied pace of business today. In the rush to stay competitive, people are increasingly tempted to take short cuts and sacrifice safety.

The most common barrier, however, is actually change itself. Some employees feel paralyzed by change, and when they feel paralyzed, they disengage. Without the ability or capacity to change, accidents can happen.

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Each keynotes can also be delivered in a master class format, half day or full day. Dr. DeVolder's style is a careful balance of content and learning related-activity. DeVolder uses content, group participation, individual reflection, jolt activities and stories to deliver high-content training. To ensure maximum value, members apply Mark's strategies to real work situations during the session.

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Dr. DeVolder has guided organizations through multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions, restructuring initiatives and organizational change. Contact our office to discuss how we can help you adapt more successfully to change.

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