The Rules of Engagement

ArticlesAugust 2, 2017

Team Meeting Change Management

Dennis Kinlaw states that for an organization to stand the test of time there must be high levels of employee engagement. He simplified the complex for us and consolidated the array of much studied motivators into four factors called the Pillars of Commitment


There is no one action that will ensure employee commitment. Rather, research indicates that an environment of engagement needs to be nurtured. Kinlaw identified four key areas that reinforce a culture of commitment: claritycompetenceinfluence, and appreciation.

Let us consider how these four pillars support commitment in an organization. In the long term, all four pillars are needed to support the structure. However, if one pillar is missing or weak, for a period of time, the structure will still stand. If two pillars are missing, the structure will become unstable. Of course, the goal is not to see how long we can keep the structure standing with the least number of pillars! The objective is to provide the support that is needed—to undergird and promote a commitment to commitment.

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