Mark DeVolder gives your people the framework to transform their fear of change into confidence through change. Mark is known as the ‘Change Specialist.’  He knows change.  He knows why we fear it and how we get lost within it. And he knows how to help leaders and their teams navigate their way through it, with a teachable strategy to equip anyone to become Empowered through Change. Mark teaches teams how to understand change, view change, and navigate any change they experience.  When you move from fearing change to understanding how to move confidently through it, you feel empowered. Mark will give your audience a path to walk through every change they experience. As a result, you will see teams who previously felt exhausted and overwhelmed, become empowered by what change is making possible in their lives.

Monsanto leader thanks Mark for inspiration and tools for change management.


During Mark’s intensely practice session, you will learn to:

  • Navigate the three stages of transition
  • Accept and let go of the past
  • Thrive while living in limbo
  • Be mobilized, not paralyzed by uncertainty
  • Increase personal resilience during adversity

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