Training: Virtual or Onsite

Dr. DeVolder’s presentations are customized to your needs: Virtual Keynotes for conferences, half day or full day retreats onsite, breakout sessions within a conference or upper management/board meetings.

Training Approach

Mark’s style is a careful balance of content and learning-related activity. DeVolder uses content, group participation, individual reflection, jolt activities and stories to deliver high-content training. To ensure maximum value, members apply Mark’s strategies to real work situations during the session.

Training Topics


  • Tools to manage change: Understanding your personality, response to change and adaptability
    Activity: Interactive exercise/individual responses
  • Change Saturation: The cumulative effect of too much change/too fast
    The effects of change saturation: individual level, group, organization
    Strategies for success
  • Stages of Transition
    Three stage model: individuals and organizations
    Learning how to respond at each stage
    Organization changes
    Key Leadership Questions
    Resistance to Change
    Rationale for Change
  • Becoming Change Ready
    Taking Responsibility: Personal leadership during change
    Change Ready Profile
    Change Ready Behaviours
    Constructive Non-Conformity
    Future-Proofing Yourself: Beliefs and practices
    Making Smarter Decisions, Faster


  • Pillars of Engagement: clarity, competence, influence, appreciation
  • Level of engagement in the organization
  • Identifying behaviours that build up and tear down engagement
  • Strategies to improve engagement
  • Engagement starts with you


  • The Continuum of Resilience
  • Increasing Personal Resilience
  • The Success Factor: Sustainability during change
  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • Strategies to Increase Personal Resilience