Training: Virtual or Onsite

Dr. DeVolder’s presentations are customized and crafted to your needs: Virtual Keynotes for conferences, half day or full day retreats onsite, breakout sessions within a conference or upper management/board meetings are different methods of delivering the content. 

Training Approach

Mark’s style is a careful balance of content and learning-related activity. He uses content, group participation, individual reflection, jolt activities and stories to deliver what is unquestioningly high-content training. To ensure maximum value, members apply Mark’s strategies to real work situations during the session, setting the team up to begin implementation of the principles immediately.

Training Topics

Change Management Training

  • Tools to Manage Change: Understanding your personality, response to change and adaptability is essential to managing change
    Activity: Interactive exercise/individual responses
  • Change Saturation: The cumulative effect of too much change/too fast
    The effects of change saturation: individual level, group, organization
    Strategies for success
  • Stages of Transition
    Three stage model: individuals and organizations
    Learning how to respond at each stage
    Organization changes
    Key Leadership Questions
    Resistance to Change
    Rationale for Change
  • Becoming Change Ready
    Taking Responsibility: Personal leadership during change
    Change Ready Profile
    Change Ready Behaviors
    Constructive Non-Conformity
    Future-Proofing Yourself: Beliefs and practices
    Making Smarter Decisions, Faster


  • Pillars of Engagement: Clarity, Competence, Influence, Appreciation
  • Level of engagement in the organization
  • Identifying behaviors that build up and tear down engagement
  • Strategies to improve engagement
  • Engagement starts with you


  • The Continuum of Resilience
  • Increasing Personal Resilience
  • The Success Factor: Sustainability during change
  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • Strategies to Increase Personal Resilience



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